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Ready to Buy Your Dream Home?

When life is chaotic, there isn’t anything better than escaping to a place where you can rest, relax, and get away from it all. Maryland’s Eastern Shore offers homebuyers a plethora of beautifully appointed and architecturally impressive homes. You may be dreaming of a waterfront vacation home or relocating to a peaceful property in the country. Whatever your ideal home looks like, I can help you find it.

What to Expect When Buying a House

Buying a home can seem stressful and confusing. At times, it feels like you will never be done making decisions. If you’re like most clients, this isn’t your first time buying a home. But in case it has been a while, I will help you:

  • Set a time frame
  • Navigate the lending process
  • Determine your price range and location
  • Identify your ideal needs and wants

Contrary to popular belief, the home buying process can be enjoyable. You simply need an agent who understands your goals, is efficient and responsive, and consistently serves as your advocate.

Getting Started

With a proven track record in the Eastern Shore luxury real estate market, I prefer to meet each new client face to face so I can get to know your personality, style, ideal location, housing criteria, and price range.

In our first meeting, we will look at a variety of homes so we can narrow down your search. You can rest assured that I will work diligently to find your dream home for the best value. My commitment to each homebuyer is to lead you through each step of the process – from when your search begins, through your closing and beyond. Whenever you have questions, you will be able to get ahold of me or my full time licensed assistant in a timely fashion. I believe the home buying process should be as fun for you as it will be getting settled into your new home!

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Looking to Sell Your Home?

There are three truths about selling a home. Sellers want the highest price possible, they have a particular time frame, and they want the process to be as stress-free as possible. The common factor to making sure all of those happen is a great agent.

There is no question that selling a house can be complicated. There is staging to do, advertising to conduct, and negotiations to manage. It’s important to have a clear plan in place before you put the “For Sale” sign on your front lawn. You need an agent who is organized, keeps things moving forward, and ultimately, closes the deal.

What to Expect When Selling Your Home

Most of the sellers I have worked with have one primary concern – what am I going to do to sell their house? I have found that the keys to a streamlined and successful sale include:

  • The house is prepared for the sale before being listed
  • A focused advertising plan is in place
  • Showings are professional, and feedback is provided promptly
  • Communication between the seller and the agent is timely
Getting Started

Over the years, I have created a robust advertising plan that I use exclusively for my clients. My advertising strategy positions your home for the highest level of exposure to your ideal buyer.

In our first meeting, we will discuss your goals and priorities when it comes to selling your home. We will go over the steps for getting your house ready to market and pricing your home competitively. Once we have a clear understanding of your unique needs and goals, we will discuss and customize the advertising plan. My goal is to position your home for the most success up front.

I will be here to answer your questions and help you through every step of the selling process. I am committed to keeping communication easy and consistent. To make sure my clients get a quick response, I have a full time licensed assistant. My mission is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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