Buyer’s Tips

Make Your Next Home, Your Dream Home

Buying a new home can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few of our go-to buyer’s tips to get you started! As always, I am here to answer questions, offer guidance, and ultimately, serve as your agent.

Become a Pre-Approved Buyer

As a pre-approved buyer, you have better leverage when it comes to negotiating with the seller. The pre-approval process is simple and will help show sellers that you are a serious buyer.

Beat Your Competition to the Best Listings

Staying on top of market trends is vital when you’re looking for a home. Like any other homebuyer, you want the best home at the best price possible. But of course, these homes sell quickly, so you will need to make an effort to stay updated on the listings in your ideal area and budget. You can do this by frequently reviewing listings online and staying in touch with your realtor.

Research Market Trends in Your Area of Interest

Familiarizing yourself with the area you are interested in will give you a better idea of what homes are selling for as well as how long they are typically on the market. Be sure to investigate price ranges for the type of home you want.

Keep Your Offer Simple

The purchase contract should be kept as simple as possible and without any unnecessary conditions, especially repairs. A seller will be more interested in an offer that will not be slowed down or delayed by things that do not severely affect the value of the home.

Don’t Go at it Alone

With an ever changing market, today’s homebuyers find it very difficult to go through the buying process on their own. Having an experienced real estate agent/buyer’s specialist who keeps your best interest in mind, helps you with challenging decisions, and explains confusing fine print, can make a significant impact when buying a home and maximizing your investment.

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