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Eastern Shore Homes Real Estate by Barbara Watkins

Downtown Living

Character, Charm, and Convenience, Just Around the Corner

Have you been dreaming of finding a home outside of the hectic city without losing the convenience and character of downtown living? Many of Maryland’s most sought-after homes are located within its downtown districts. Each of the shore’s ten counties and towns provides a unique downtown environment – each one special in its own way.

If you love the thought of going for a short stroll downtown from the comfort of your home and having access to local and fine-dining options, eclectic boutiques, and high-quality entertainment, Maryland’s Eastern Shore has a downtown neighborhood for you.

Eating & Dining

It’s easy to work up an appetite after spending the day boating, hiking, or shopping! Near the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding rivers, you’ll never be far from phenomenal seafood. Thanks to many local families and farmers, there are several bistros, diners, and small eateries to choose from!

The beauty of downtown living is that you will never be far away from your favorite place to grab a bite to eat. Imagine meeting up with your friends every Friday night at your favorite brewery, or having your go-to coffee shop only a block away. You’ll feel like a local in no time. Whether you’re craving jumbo lump crab, a deluxe burger, or fresh Italian pasta, you can be sure to satisfy your tastebuds at one of the local establishments.

History & Culture

The historical relevance of Maryland’s Eastern Shore is one of the area’s most charming characteristics. With traditions reaching back to colonial times, it’s impossible not to embrace history while strolling downtown. In fact, your home could be part of the town’s original story.

Wake up each morning knowing your home has helped provide the foundation for the community of which you live. Each of the shore’s communities has a unique background, providing you the opportunity to enjoy many historical sites. In your free time, explore museums, monuments, and artifacts enriched with culture.

Shopping & Entertainment

One of the most popular reasons to buy a home downtown is that you want to be where the action is. While some towns have more shopping and entertainment options than others, there is no shortage of things to do along Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

A downtown favorite for residents and visitors is the wide variety of shopping available. Each town offers its own assortment of jewelry stores, antique shops, clothing boutiques, and art galleries. Window shoppers and bargain hunters alike will love getting to know each town’s hidden gems. Become a regular at your favorite shops and enjoy getting to know the local shop owners. Looking for something to do in the evening? Catch a show at a local theater or attend a nationally acclaimed concert. After the show, enjoy strolling back to your home and grabbing an ice cream cone! One thing is sure; you won’t ever have an excuse to be bored!

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